White iPhone 4 sold by Vodafone UK

Now that is confirmed that White iPhone 4 would be soon launching by Apple at the end of this month or may be in the starting of May. But today Engadget reports that of White iPhone 4 which was sold by UK carrier Vodafone. A reader of Engadget sent some images of White iPhone 4 which according to him he purchased it from Vodafone from UK today.

Vodafone is getting ready to sell white iPhone 4 from last few weeks and now may be they are receiving shipments from White iPhone 4.But with this news looks like the units are already there and somehow may be by mistake they sold some on those units which are not supposed to go on sale before 27th of this month.

Now, we’ve secured a few images of a 16GB model from a separate source that has seemingly made its way into the hands of one lucky customer (read: bloke) over in Britain.

As the story goes, the carrier’s point-of-sale system rang it up as a black iPhone, and shortly after the sale went down, Voda sent out a notice to halt sale of these gems “until next week.”