Sync your WP 7 device without Zune with Windows Phone Device Manager

Those who have used Windows Phone 7 or know about it would know that WP7 users need to connect their phone their Zune and sync their data and music by using Zune software. But recently a XDA developer has developed and published an application which allows the Windows Phone 7 users to sync their phone without Zune software. This application is called Windows Phone Device Manager for Windows Phone 7.

This application has a good enough interfaces through which you interrelate with your WP7 device.For using this software you should have unlocked Windows Phone 7 device , Windows 7 or Vista with .net framework 4.0 and Windows Phone developers tools which are available for free.

This application has following key features see detailed device information ,send clipboard content ,auto update for future ,TouchXperience versions ,send notes and check for app updates.