Samsung announcing new 10-inch LCDs for tablets with high resolution

Samsung is one of the main innovative companies in the technology world and they produce stuff for almost every aspect of technology user. And recently Samsung has announced with their partner Nouvoyance they have made 10.1 inch WQXGA display which would be used for the tablets in future.

This LCD which would be used for tablet devices would be amazing cooler then in current version of tablets. It will have better brightness, contract and resolution than in current LCDs for tablets. It will have the resolution of 2560×1000 pixels which is real high for a tablet. Also its power consumption would be less which can held in giving more battery life. The density of these LCS will be 300dpia because of that these LCDs will provide full HD performance on tablets.

Not only these LCD can come with the Samsung tablets but also Samsung may sell these LCDs for other companies which will be greats for the users.