Mango update to bring ‘Mango’ to bring Facebook Chat,Office 365 and more

There are many things that were not provided initially with Windows Phone 7 but Microsoft has mentioned that with Mango update people will get most of the things that they wanted in Windows Phone 7.About a week ago the Windows Phone Dev Podcast unearthed some screenshots of upcoming update of Windows Phone 7 and now they have shown another screenshot which shows some other news stuff.

According to this screenshot the ‘Mango’ update for Windows Phone 7 will have support for many news tuff which includes Facebook Chat , SkyDrive , SharePoint and Office 365 and with that it will also have AutoSync options.

Apart from this we can notice from this screenshot that lock screen will show album you will be playing currently and also looks like there will be some new group texting option in the phone.These things are not confirmed officially but chances are that these things are coming with ‘Mango’ update.