Apple to slow down shipments of iPhone 4 for preparation of iPhone 4S

The rumors about the next iPhone are suggesting that Apple will launch next iPhone in September and it will be launch with the name iPhone 4S.And a recent report by DigiTimes has stated that Apple will slow down the production and shipments of iPhone 4 because of they have to do grounding for the launch of iPhone 4S which is expected to come till September.

According to the report by DigitTimes to slow down the process the planned shipments of 20million dollar will drop to the number of 17.5 or 18 million. It is also expected now that iPhone 4 is available both in GSM and CDMA, same would be the case with iPhone 4S.

It is also expected that iPhone 4S will have 8 megapixel camera instead of 5megapixel.And now that Apple has launched iPhone on Verizon now is the time for iPhone 4S to launch on T-Mobile and Sprint.