HTC Flyer Wifi version coming to Best Buy on 22nd May

To join in the tablet war HTC had announced about their tablet HTC Flyer a fair time ago and now is the time when user will start to get their hands on it as HTC Flyer is will now be available from best Buy Stores from May 22nd.

The announcement was made on Thursday that Best Buy will be the exclusive retailer for the HTC Flyer tablets only Wi-Fi Version. Well those who don’t know about the details of this tablet, it is a 7-inch Android tablet which had 1.5Ghz processor in it.It has 1GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage with HDMI out.It also has 5 megapixel rear camera and 1.3 mega pixel front facing camera.

This tablet will have a lot of competition against it and iPad is surely its biggest competitor but I think HTC has its own uniqueness and those whose that their HTC phone would also like this tablet.