Windows 8 UI demoed in D9 conference

From the starting of this year we are hearing that Microsoft will launch their next version of Windows which may be called Windows 8.And now finally yesterday Microsoft first time demoed Windows 8 in the D9 conference.

Steven Sinofsky showed the demo of the upcoming operating system of Windows 8 which would be completely optimized for tablets.With this OS Microsoft goal is to create an OS environment which is both suitable to personal computer and also for the tablets at the same time.The demo shows a start screen has a tile-based interface that is really similar to the interface of Windows Phone 7 which has Metro UI.

Windows 8 will have Internet Explorer 10 and it will have integration of HTML 5 and Java Applications that will run best on tablets even with the best powers.It is also expected Windows 8 tablet would also be able to run most of the Windows applications.

Microsoft also has a plan for developers so that they can publish their application just like the App Store of Apple. Currently the demo product is running on Intel based processor but it is expected that these tablet would also come in ARM based processor. Still we are not sure when will the Windows 8 and also the new tablets reach the market.