iPad 3 may launch before Christmas

Recently many companies have launched their tablets which are actually much more powerful than current iPad 2 but still iPad 2 has upper hand but of its best Operating System and amazing collection of Apps.But still according to experts of Hong Kong-based research firm Apple will introduce iPad 3 till this Christmas which is be more powerful than iPad 2.

iPad 3 will have many new stuff in it like it will finally have Retina which was actually expected to come in iPad 2 and it is also expected that it will have new 4G LTE radio. And the biggest things that Apple is working on for iPad 3 is A6 chip processors which will be actually like a quad core processor which will really boost the performance of the device , and its performance will match most of the PCs.

And if all these things comes in the next iPad and it comes before or near Christmas then it will create touch competition for other vendors because till this time they were trying to match the features in iPad 2.So , then again they will have to think about something special in their tablets.