Nokia’s Windows Phone deives would first launch in 6 European nation , Final not in them

Nokia’s deal with Microsoft to make Windows Phone device devices for them could be a big game changer in the world of smartphones and because if the this lethal combination Windows Phone could give some competition to other smartphone OS makers.

While Nokia has said before they will surely launch their first Windows Phone device till 2012 but if things go perfect for them then they may be able to launch their first device till the end of this year. And this week Nokia’s VP Victor Saeijs has broken the news that when Nokia would launch their Windows Phone device initially the first six European countries to get it would be France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and the UK.Even the Nokia’s own mother nation Finland is not included in this , may be they thing they have much more customers in other six European nations then Finland.

The this news should be concerning to anyone because we can hope where ever Nokia launched their Windows Phone device first , its international launch would not take much more time.