New Adobe Flash Builder released , alllows you to make apps for iOS , Android and PlayBook

Just when the time was near for the launch of first iPad , some people were getting impression flash will be dead soon specially from iOS devices and all this was because of HTML 5.HTML 5 is new and dynamic and it has many others advantages but this is not true that Adobe Flash is dead.

And moving their product Flash forward, today Adobe has announced Flash Builder 4.5 and Flex 4.5.The most impressive thing about these tools is that with these tools developers can code apps for iOS , Android and BlackBeryy Playbook. These tools will give developers a common platform to build their aps for multiple mobile platforms.

Also being a developer myself I think this is amazing if you have to just make your app on one platform not worry about making it again and again for different platform. But still I think there could be little complications learning this.

The Standard version of Flash Builder 4.5 is available for $249 and premium version costs $699.