Nokia CEO says first Nokia Windows Phone device coming this year

When Nokia had first announced first time that they will be make the Windows Phone devices for Microsoft they had said they will launch the first Nokia Windows Phone 7 device in 2012.Then they mentioned that there is a little possibility that they would launch first Nokia Windows Phone device later this year.And now while speaking in the CommunicAsia conference in Singapore yesterday Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop  said Nokia is set to release first WP device during 2011.

Previous Nokia executives were just hinting that there is a chance that people can see first Nokia Windows Phone device this year but this time Nokia’s CEO has confidently said about its release this year.

While he said one device will launch later this year , he also mentioned that the mass volume of the product would be available to the users in 2012.These Nokia Windows Phone smartphone will all be high specs smartphones while some of them will have dual core processor.

Our primary smartphone strategy is to focus on the Windows phone.

I have increased confidence that we will launch our first device based on the Windows platform later this year and we will ship our product in volume in 2012.