iPhone 4GS photos leaked in the wild

From the past few months we have been hearing that next iPhone would be launching in the few coming few months may be in the third quarter of this year. And some also said that Apple would launch two new different iPhones and may be one them could be smaller and cheaper iPhone so that more iPhone people can afford it.
Not too much leaked pictures of the next iPhone have been seen this time but recently a Chinese site has shown some pictures of iPhone which they claim to be next iPhone. And people are calling iPhone 4GS because it totally looks iPhone 4.You can hardly see any difference in the between iPhone 4 and this picture on first look.

According to the source just like iPhone 4 this iPhone has also 5 mega pixel camera and the software shown in the picture is not like iOS , may be its just testing OS.This iPhone certain not have some amazingly new feature but still I can’t say that it would be the next iPod Touch , its definitely iPhone.
Still experts are not showing too much confidence in this leaked picture as it is possible that it would be a Chinese knockoff or may be it is an old image of iPhone 4 prototype.