Apple may launch White iPod touch till the end of this year

Apart from first iPhone the color of all the iOS product has been black but things changed with the launch of iPad two as it has White model too.Also now Apple has also the white iPhone 4 so the only product remaining to have white color is iPod touch.And looks like we will see White iPod touch in the coming future as an analyst Ming-Chi Kuo as report recently that Apple will launch iPod touch perhaps before the end of this year.


This this not the first time that Ming-Chi Kuo that claimed something about the upcoming Apple products and most of the time he is right about his claims.So , their is a big chance that this report would prove to be true in the future and well see White iPod touch in the future.The analyst also claim that the next iPod touch will almost be identical to the current version and availability of the White version would be different and could attract more people.

Looking into the current third calendar quarter, Kuo said checks indicate Apple has placed orders for white iPod touch models that are expected to go into mass production sometime in late August, but he added that the build plans for those models reflect few, if any, distinguishable changes from the existing black models introduced last fall.