Mango devices could be officially unveiled on 1st September

Just about a year ago Microsoft had announced their new mobile OS Windows Phone 7 and then little while after that Windows Phone 7 devices came to the market.And some months ago Microsoft announced Mango update for Windows Phone which has much more feature then first version of the OS.Now the time is almost near when Mango devices come to the market.And according to the latest reports Windows Phone Mango devices could be unveiled on September first.

According to British tech blog Pocket-line they have got this news from more than one authentic sources.On 1st September Microsoft and their device partners would officially show off their latest hand sets to the world.Things would be lot much interesting this time when Windows Phone devices are unveiled as this time more companies have designed Windows Phone devices and some of new makers include Fujitsu , Acer and Asus.

Nokia will also be a big device partner for Windows Phone but most probably they will not launch their Windows Phone devices soon , may be they will launch their Mango devices yearly next year or in later part of this year.