Best Buy in US Selling iPhone 3GS free for a day

Even though you would love to have iPhone 4 as your phone but the thing is it is expensive for most people.And if we talk about iPhone 3GS , for me 3GS still is a very good phone and it is capable for running almost all the apps available on app store.So , if you want to buy iPhone 3GS in the near future and live in US then Best Buy has an amazing offer for you.

So , recently one of the biggest store chains in US Best Buy has announced that this Monday they will be selling iPhone 3GS for free with a two year  contract with AT&T or if you already have one then two year  extension would be made in your contract.The version of iPhone 3GS which they are selling is 8GB version of iPhone 3GS.If you want to buy iPhone 3GS this Monday then you can go to both Best Buy and Best Buy mobile stores to buy it.

Currently if you see iPhone 3GS on Apple website , its price is mentioned as $49 with contract so this means by buying it from Best Buy you would save $49.