BlackBerry PlayBook price cut begin as now it's available at $249 from Rogers workers

Most of you guys know that tablets like Apple's iPad and Samsung Galaxy tablet and some other Android tablet are one of the top tablets devices available in the market and because of that other tablet companies are not able to attract more people to buy their devices , especially those whose prices are same as iPad and Galaxy tab.So , we had mentioned before that many companies will have to decrease the prices of their devices to attract more customers. And that’s what RIM intends to do with their Blackberry PlayBook as recently they have decrease the price of the device as low as $249 for Roger workers.

Research in Motion CEO was the on to announce this announce and currently this price cut is for some specific group of people  , but in future I think we can see this change in many other places. The prices are not made public till now but most probably the price range of the tablet would start from $249 to $399 which is actually 5 fifty percent less from the original price of this device.