Battery life of iPhone 4S is less than iPhone 4S while using 3G

Apple recently announced iPhone 4S and now the time of shipping the devices has started and with that many reports and reviews of the new device will come around the web.And today an interesting report has been published by iLounge about iPhone 4S battery life.And this report is basically the comparison between the battery life of iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.

According to most report published till now about iPhone 4S , most experts has mentioned that iPhone 4S has little better talk time than iPhone 4 but interestingly it has less stand by time than iPhone 4.And according to the test by iLounge with 3G data , audio and video playback and video recording iPhone 4S little less battery life.But if you use iPhone 4S using Wifi than iPhone 4S will give better battery life than iPhone 4.

But according to me most of the user would hardly notice any difficulty with the battery life of iPhone 4S as most of the time we use Wifi of our smartphone to different stuff.