Samsung lead over iPhone in smart phone sale in third quarter

Samsung is leading the smartphone sales in the third quarter of 2011, interestingly it has taken over apples iPhone in order to go at the top. Meanwhile both of the companies have compiled several lawsuit infringements over each other. Due to the rise in sale of Samsung's smartphone this year, a bitter rivalry between apple and Samsung have evolved. In past Samsung use to develop microchips for apple but it is not the case any more due to the newly evolved rivalry.

Rise in sale of Samsung's smart phones are that they are cheap compare to apple iPhone 4s. There are plenty of phones to select with different operating systems. Even there most expensive phone Samsung galaxy S II is cheaper then the iPhone 4S.

Currently Samsung is developing Windows based mobile phones as well as android based smart phones, that's why it is quite harsh to compare the sales of Samsung smart phone over apple's iPhone 4s. Seeing the percentage share of operating system in mobile phone market apple's iOS is doing great.

Decline in the sales of iPhone in the  third quarter is mainly due to the reason that apple didn't release its iPhone 5 for which people were waiting for quite a long time. There decision to release iPhone 4s instead iPhone 5 was a major set back for the company. Things may change quite soon in the second quarter of 2012 as apple is considering the launch of iPhone 5 with iPad 3.