Microsoft to allow open source app for windows 8

A report have revealed that Microsoft would be allowing open source application for its upcoming operating system Windows 8. Windows 8 Beta would be releasing in February next year which would allow the open source developers to get their hands dirty on the upcoming Windows 8.

A source from Microsoft revealed that

“Apps that are released under an Open Source Initiative-recognised open source licence can, at least in the pre-release version of the Windows Store, be distributed according to terms that contradict Microsoft’s Standard Application License Terms if this is required by the open source licence. Among other things, the Standard Application License Terms prohibit the sharing of applications.”

Microsoft would be sharing a further more details of their upcoming application store for windows 8. Earlier ZDnet reported that

“Metro-style applications will be licensable, marketable and downloadable from the Windows 8 Store. Non-Metro-style Desktop Apps will only be marketable from inside the store, with links provided to developers’ sites for sales/downloads”

This new application policy will certainly give Microsoft an edge on their rival Apple computers whose reluctant policy for open source will be a major set back as developers will tend to bend towards open source development.