Famous classic game Grand Theft Auto 3 now available on iOS and Android devices

If you are a gamer form a long time than you would definitely have played Grand Theft Auto 3, which was for a very impression game compared to the time when it was launched. Well now you can play this awesome game also on you smart devices as now Grand Theft Auto 3 is available on iOS and Android devices.

The game is same as it was available for PC many years ago and it is available for on App Store and Android market place for $5 and I think looking at this games $5 and I think $5 is good enough price for this game. The gave will surely be best for tablets like iPad , iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy tab as bigger screen helps the game to be played in proper manner but still iPhone and high end Android users will also be able to enjoy this game on their phones.

On Android devices this game also has a feature or adding USB gamepad to play this game.Also the launch of this game is a I think the start of Grand Theft Auto series game in the smartphone world and after that may be we will see much more games on different smartphone and tablet platforms.