7 Digital to launch their music app for WP 7

7 Digital one of the most popular UK’s music service provider have announced that they are finalizing a new deal with Microsoft. This new deal will allow users to download digital music from 7 digital repository which have 17 million tracks.

7 Digital with a new partnership with Microsoft would be launching an application for Windows Phone 7. This application would be available in 35 different countries including US, Europe and some parts of Asia by the next year.

7 Digital have previously launched their app for Blackberry and android systems. 7 Digital’s all in one app will include music search where a user can search music by artist, by track or by album. App will also include 30 to 90 seconds preview of all the tracks. an in-app store purchase feature to easily browse, purchase and download music to a Windows device, whilst still listening to music.

7 Digital’s   would now be competing with Microsoft’s own music offering platform Zune which also have millions of tracks in its repository as well as monthly low price subscription.