Nokia have unveiled Lumia 800 The Dark Knight Rise Limited edition

Nokia in promotion of new Christopher Nolan’s film the The Dark Knight Rise have introduced a new limited edition of the phone which features exclusive content of the upcoming film. The limited edition features a shiny black skin with a bat sign embossed on the back of the phone.

Nokia would be launching only 40 of the limited edition phones, with every phone would be having a number out of 40 on the box. This exclusive phone would be having a 2 pre installed applications that one could see on the home screen tiles. This application will be updating all the contents related to the Christopher Nolan’s Batmen trilogy. The phone is also equipped with some of the Dark Knight Rise exclusive wallpapers.

This limited edition Nokia Lumia 800 will be one of its kind so it might be have a price tag greater to the normal nokia Lumia 800 which is worth  £400+.

This new branding deal might catch the attention of the fan boys of the film and would be happy to pay any price to get their hands on this limited edition of the phone.