Lenovo and Acer to launch their Windows 8 tablets till third quarter of 2012

After the mango update Windows phone devices has found some popularity and on the other hands Microsoft is also preparing for the launch of Windows 8 this year which will be specially customized for the tablet devices.And for this many hardware vendors will also come in the market to show their Windows 8 tablets.As till now some reports has shown that Acer and Lenovo are ready to launch their Windows 8 device till the end of third quarter of this year.

The news comes from the unknown sources of Asia and according the it both the companies has orders Asian based companies to  supply parts for their upcoming tablets.Also according to the report from DigiTimes these tablets may use Intel’s upcoming “CloverTrail” chip-sets.And continuing the new from Intel’s new technology , they will show their new low powered processor in the Consumer electronics event to be held next week.

While Acer and Lenovo could be the high could vendors for Windows 8 devices but apart from this many small vendors will also make devices for Windows 8 when it would be launched.

About Windows 8 if you have seen how Windows 8 looks then for you information Micrsoft has already launched a developers preview of the upcoming operating system but surely this is just the demo of Windows 8 and the actual Windows 8 could be different from that.