Microsoft to spend $200 million on windows phone marketing

January 5, 2012 – 8:25 pm | by Emile

A report have suggested that Microsoft is willing spend $200 million on the marketing of Windows phone. This marketing campaign would be targeted towards U.S based customers. The marketing plan will soon launch in the first quarter of 2012. 

Paul Thurrott’s have revealed this marketing project on his blog Supersite for windows. According to Paul

“According to internal Microsoft documentation I’ve viewed, the total cost of this marketing tsunami is in the neighborhood of $200 million,”. This marketing budget is intended towards U.S customers.

A report have revealed that 84% of American citizens uses smartphone in their daily life. The percentage of smartphone users is increasing by every passing year, that’s why the U.S smartphone market is getting competitive day by day. Seeing the competition Microsoft have realized that its a tough market to break in that’s the reason behind a huge budget of 200$ million for their windows phone.

Lets see how much difference it will make for Microsoft to break in to this competitive market. So far the windows phone have failed to deliver the promise.


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