Google Plans ‘Google Store’

Till now we have been observing Google products being sold by different manufacturers and available on stores under different brands, but for now, Google plans to open its very own online store and sell ASUS, Samsung, tablets through that very platform. 

In a post by Wall Street Journal, it was said that Google will be officially opening their very own online store through they would initially sell the tablet product line up. The plan is said to be executed this year. However, the upcoming Nexus phones will not be available on the online store nor will be the previous Google Nexus handsets.

The entire ploy is a consequence of a detailed market study by Google experts through which they realized that tablet selling by Samsung or ASUS have not actually been able to mark a dent in the tablet market considering the sales by Apple and other tablet designers.

Although the online store by Google is still in the planning phase, but once it is up, it may create an impact on the overall online market where we see Amazon and iStore as key players. Google also plans to put up the entire smart phone stock on the store shelves by the end of this year.