Top Leading Websites for Social Networking

The websites for the purpose of social networking had been present since the mid of nineties. However, recently this trend has taken an epic position not only in the world of social networking but also changed the world of people also for interacting purpose. Today, there are a lot of websites for the purpose of communication and this trend in increasing day by day.

There used to be dominating layer of MySpace for the purpose of interaction and communication for social purpose, but last year Facebook brought a deluge in the world of networking and became the most populous social networking website of all. LinkedIn is considered to be more popular among the people who wish to seek the jobs. Whereas, Twitter is competing on the same platform with the Facebook when It comes to the popularity.

There are three main classifications of the top rated websites for social networking today: every day-life purpose, certain interest usage purpose, and lastly international-based websites.

Everyday Life Purpose:

  • Facebook:  Facebook was invented by Mark Zuckerberg, during his sophomore period in Harvard University initially for Harvard students. After this, the website got a huge traffic outside the University as well and got opened for the public use in 2006. Today, it has become one of the most visited website for the purpose of social networking.
  • MySpace: It got started in the year of 2003. It is considered to be highly general purpose website and for customization as well and it maintains a high traffic for its users even today. It is striving hard to keep itself in the competition of social networking world.
  • Twitter: It got started as a blogging website but today, it counts into the social networking website used by stardom celebrities as well. Hence, today it has become famous for sharing trends, chatting, posts and views of other people’s activities.
  • Ning: It is basically a social network in order to develop different networks for developing networks among people. It enables the people to customize their own groups for communication, and for making their own communities.

Social Networking websites for Certain Interest:

  • Flixster: It is basically having a theme for collection of various reviews specifically for Movies.
  • It is a website where people can share music of their interest with their friends and other website members. People cannot only share the already launched music but also can customize music of their kind as well. Also, they are able to listen to the radio stations on this website and can share also.
  • LinkedIn: This website is particularly for the members who want to establish professional connection among them. It is categorized both into management system for particular business and social network website as well. It is having a special feature of answering to certain queries of group members as well just like
  • Xanga: This website is having a combination of both the blogging and social networking facility. Members of this site can also do the online shopping as well but this shopping is unique such as buying any particular image for posting into the blog or comment thread of any friend.

International based websites:

  • Badoo: It got originated from London, and is one of the most popular websites for social networking in Europe.
  • Migente: This website mostly works in Latin America.
  • Orkut:  It basically established by Google in order to compete with the Facebook and MySpace but could not able to withstand the features of these two websites. Today, it is more famous among the people of Brazil.
  • Studivz: It is a German language version of the Facebook and is more famous among the students of Germany.