Windows 8 decides to launch only 4 Versions of the latest OS

One for home use, one for business, one for devices running ARM chips, and one for big enterprises that buy in large quantities are the only 4 Versions of Windows 8 being launched this time. Microsoft finally decided to put an end to all fuss that had been created by launching different versions of the same operating software, and launched only 4 versions of Windows 8 this time.

People who need an OS for laptops and desktops will have an option to choose from 2 versions. Windows 8 is invented for “home users” and “Windows 8 Pro” is for business users. The Pro version constitutes of encrypting a file system, dominant management and virtualization.

“Windows RT” is another name for Windows on ARM. It shall not be distributed to anyone; it will be in built-in specialized PC’s and tablets that constitute of an ARM processor. Windows RT will run touch-oriented apps established on Windows Runtime (WinRT). Windows Runtime is programming model made for mobile apps by Microsoft. It has been decided that Windows RT shall not run the accustomed X86/64 desktop software. Windows RT will also produce appropriate versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint.

Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc hasn’t announced the exact price of the new OS but has alarmed the whole world with the new name; the “Windows 8”. Also the precise launch date has also not been determined as yet.

LeBlanc has reported to have said, “As with previous versions of Windows, we will also have an edition of Windows 8 specifically for those enterprise customers with Software Assurance agreements. Windows 8 Enterprise includes all the features of Windows 8 Pro plus features for IT organization that enable PC management and deployment, advanced security, virtualization, new mobility scenarios, and much more.”

By constraining Windows 8 to only 4 editions, Microsoft has taken a great risk. Windows 7 came in 6 editions, which had bought a variety to the portfolio of Windows 7; Tarter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate.

Mostly people used Home Basic, Home Premium and Ultimate. For Windows 8 it is most likely that the consumers will go for Windows 8 Version. LeBlanc has been reported to have said that only home “enthusiasts” might be interested in Windows 8 Pro.