A new platform for storage solution: Google Drive

Google has recently expanded the storage capacity for Google doc to 5GB in order to facilitate the promotion of Google Drive and to attract people also for advanced level of service and more initiative of storing content.  Gmail’s capacity has also been increased from 7GB to 10GB for this very same reason.

There has been a lot of hype created by Google Drive’s promoters since February and the internet has also been waiting for the upcoming announcement to be made by Google today.Following details will help you that which cloud services would be more suitable.

Understanding of Google Drive:

Google Docs allows its users to work on the same document at the same time and it allows document sharing as well. These users will be enjoying the upgraded storage memory of 5GB now. But ultimately it would be Google Drive which will be taking the advantage of the cloud space storage.

There will be two services which would be closely correlated: with the help of Google Drive, now the users will be able to share media which includes the movies, images and music and much more. And the second advantage is that with the help of Google Drive, files from the home can be retrieved on a computer at office, vacation pictures and the videos can also be shared directly from the movie phones with friends or family members at home.

Further Details:

Google Drive basically uses simple folders to organize the files based on the type, images, type of files and presentations. Google Drive will eventually replace the Google Docs in a way for many users as it can implement the images which were previously uploaded to the Picasa and Google Plus also.

The 5GB is free however, Google users can expand this memory further up to 16TB but it will cost them, they can also have 25Gb for 2.49$ per month, 100GB for 4.99$ per month and 200GB for 9.99$ per month. Not only this, people can connect their multiple accounts through a single device that can hold 5GB free memory.

Google Drive Advantages:

Google Drive exhibits advanced level of features such as smart tagging facility, image recognition etc. Google will inevitably recognize the objects or images which the users have uploaded and the next time the users will sign in then their own images will pop up without the need of tagging manually.

Google Drive users can also open up and can use 30 different types of files at the same time simply by browsing if the software is installed or not, the computer will automatically perform this activity.

Google Drive desktop App

An app for the desktop of PC and Mac, IPhone and iPad versions will be available soon on the website of drive.google.com and users of Android can search on the Google Play store for downloading it on their mobile phones. A desktop app for PC and Mac will be available soon at drive.google.com, and Android users can search the Google Play store to download it now on their phones. Apple iPhone and iPad versions are also coming soon.