Welcome Google Docs, bye Ms Word

There are many reasons, why Google Docs have become famous nowadays. As MS Word is one of the best processors people have ever used. Its developers have never got failed to introduce the new features in the software they use to develop. However, for the people spending so much time on such applications or software, any upgraded version has always been welcomed.

It is almost impossible to know that how many people use all the features in MS Word. When Google Docs became available in 2007, the users of the Microsoft Word laughed on the features of the Google Docs and undermined it also. Apple verified that when it entered the Smartphone and tablet computer markets its main aim was to satisfy the customers.

Google has recently improved the word processor last year when the company issued some problems. Google has designed its product with such collaboration so that the users could able to share and edit the same document at the same time with more ease. It allows the consumer to edit and write the document in a quick manner and this service is completely free.

The exquisiteness for using Google Docs is that people do not have to upload any kind of software or any kind of installation; people just need to refresh their browser for the latest updates of innovation. Corny but true. Equally significant: Google Docs obviously doesn’t depend on a particular underlying operating system. Microsoft declared about Google Docs: “There are two basic traditions being used by the Google Applications. The first is that the Google cares about this particular business and more than 96% of Google’s revenue gets generated through advertising. The second myth is that they have been continuously paying customers.  Also, the analysts estimated that Google makes only $100 million to $200 million per year after deducting all the service expenses. Also, Google Docs are used by 9 out of 10 customers today.

However, 5GB isn’t really enough for today’s generation usage capacity. That is why there is wide variety of other options as well; people can update their content up to 25GB for a $2.49 per month. Also, there is another option of 100GB for $4.99 (£3.08) per month, while a 1TB cost $49.99.  Dropbox has the smallest opening offers for 2GBs. That is why, Dropbox also allot users an additional 500MBs to16GB. People can also add and purchase 50GBs for $9.99/month and100GBs which cost $19.99/month and $199.00/year.

Microsoft offers 100MB to 300MB, whereas Google makes no indication of a maximum uploading size within its own launched documents. Dropbox has a 300MB maximum upload size via the website, but it has no maximum file size through the desktop client.