Top 10 IPhone Apps ruling all times

IPhone was invented by Apple Inc. in January 2007. This invention of smart phone was a complete innovation and a true revolution in the entire horizon of mobile technology. Since the launch of this mobile phone was a true difference in the technical world, there was a perfect crowd settled at Apple stores to purchase the smart technology phone on the day of its launch.

About five generations of IPhone have been released. Each version has attention-grabbing and interesting applications in it thus creating the ideal charisma to fascinate the users from all over the world.

TuneIn Radio Iphone Apps

The top 10 IPhone applications:

1) TuneIn Radio When it comes to the sound applications, TuneIn Radio is the best application which enables the users to gain an access to about 50,000 radio channels (including FM/AM) on the go.

Opera Mini Web browser Iphone Apps

2. Opera Mini Web browser is the best and fastest IPhone browser which has the facility to compress the web pages thus minimizing and controlling the costs associated to the data.

AugMeasure Iphone Apps

3. Aug Measure is the effective IPhone app which lets the users to have an estimate of the shortest available distances which are feasible to their requirement.

Live Sketch Iphone Apps

4. Live Sketch is a drawing app which enables the users to draw on the IPhone just giving the feel of being a true artist!

PayPal Iphone Apps

5. PayPal is the most convenient payment methodology available on the IPhone and letting the money transactions to take place remotely.

Medscape Iphone Apps

6. Medscape is a perfect application to give a complete access to the Medscape database working behind it and devising drug analysis and disease reports accordingly.

Runkeeper Iphone Apps

7. Runkeeper involves GPS functionality and guides the runner to choose the most suitable route and enabling the runner to keep the perfect record of the entire run.

Photosynth Iphone Apps

8. Photosynth is a colorful tool enabling the user to have the perfect photography and panoramic pictures directly captured on the IPhone.

Dropbox Iphone Apps

9. Dropbox (+) on IPhone lets the users to share and transfer all the documents and files while on the move!

Currency Iphone Apps

10. Currency (+) enables the user to have the complete currency rates of over 100 currencies of the world and convert the money into the desired currency value.

IPhone has given the complete control of technology to be contained within the single human palm. Whether travelling, listening to music, exercising, shopping; no matter what the activity is all about, IPhone has all for everyone and for everyone’s demands!