15 Best Free Business Apps, Tools and Services of 2012

Being a business man isn’t an easy thing, you need many tools and services to do some quality work and be successful. Being in this technologically advanced era, one thing that we all are thankful to, are the latest smart-phones and laptops that are being released into the market. The applications on the other hand play a very important role in using your smart-phone to its optimum level.

The greatly recommended business app for high-tech business men is LogMeIn.This app helps you connect your phone with your computer wherever you are. It helps you search and fix files remotely. A free version of its iOS app has been pushed into the market. All the business men have remote access to their Macs or windows desktop from their iPhones or iPads. It is a mind-blowing free app and everyone should have it to enjoy its benefits.

The CrashPlan backup utility is an app that can store and backup all your data without you being getting worried about ever losing your work. It is available in 32-bits and 64-bits versions. However, the free version doesn’t support free online back-up, it is a paid app but it is surely worth-while.

Looking for an app that is used to edit, share or create documents? CLoudOn it is! It gives complete access to Microsoft Office. Till now the app is for free but later on it has been speculated that the company might charge for the extra features that they are providing the users with.
OmmWriter Dana
OmmWriter Dana I is a word processer and helps you write your business plans or other important documents. It permits you to write with-out getting distracted by all the alerts and notifications and proves to be a really helpful app for all the writers out there.
In the AnyMeeting app all you have to do is get registered and you will have a remote access to the whole world. You can give your presentation without being actually present there. You can invite upto 6 people to stream the video. Another similar app is the Google Presentations app which helps you generate a slideshow. It also allows many people to be a part of that presentation.
Talking of presentations, Tape-a-talk is a handy app for the audiences of that presentation. Each and every-single word can be recorded with it.
Any.Do is a simple to-do list app. It helps you in making lists and then you can neatly swipe of the task that has been accomplished. It is an android app and it is coming soon for iOS.
Want to save your contacts forever but were in too much hurry and couldn’t note down the details? CardMunch helps you take a snap of their business card and adds details to your contacts.
Too much brightness hitting your eyes? Get F.lux a windows utility that automatically dims or brightens your monitor.
Feel threatened by a site that is tracking you? Get Ghostery. It is a simple browser add-on that scans for information trackers across the Web, and pops up an alert when a site is tracking you.
K-9 Mail can support POP3 and IMAP email. You can load several accounts in this and view all your messages in one in-box. When you want to send audio files you can use YouSendIt Lite; although it only permits you to send 50MB in the free version.
Want to track down if your parcel has reached its destination? Get Parcel for iOS and Parcels for Android to track down all of your shipments.