Making Android faster, more dynamic and safer than iPhone

Android phone technology introduces absolutely new experience to your mobile experience. As you compare the two best mobile phone technologies ios and android together, you will find Android phone working more comfortable and fast as compare to iPhone. There are no of aspects that really make the experience different from that of the iPhone.

1. Install better browser

One of the biggest advantages of using a browser of Opera Mini is that its cloud engine can compress data as much as by 90%. It includes tabbed browser, backing from widgets and the capacity to set innovative privacy features for example the ability to mechanically clear passwords, cookies and browsing history as well.

There are also many advantages for Android users: the capability to use Opera Mobile instead of Opera Mini. Opera Mobile supports the Flash and 3D graphics, has an HTML 5 engine and has a device-side web representative engine for higher fidelity browsing facility. People can also set up the rendering engine to work on a Wi-Fi network and a default to the cloud-based rendering engine when on a 3G or 4G network to minimize expensive data usage. It also allows people to access camera from the browser.

2. Set up an Android optimizer

Applications like Android Booster and Android Assistant allows the people to kill the apps that would be running in the background, bolting up the battery life and draining down the CPU. People can also set up a monthly data limit and can display exactly how much data have been downloaded over 3G and 4G networks.

3. Saves up battery

No other thing can slows a person down than a battery life. One of the major advantages which Android phones exhibit over the iPhones is that people will be able to change or swat the batteries. Applications such as Juice Defender and Battery Stretch can help in regulating the power.

Juice Defender is the most popular among all and it offers three different kinds of profiles named as: “Balanced,” “Aggressive” or “Extreme.”

The Balanced setting is basically a default and it do not requires any kind of configuration. If people select an “Aggressive,” the app automatically disables the data connections when the battery gets low. If someone is extremely worried about the battery then they can select the option of “Extreme” which disables the data connections by default which can be turned on manually afterwards.

Making Android more dynamic

4. Dig deeper where apps keeps data.

If people want to continually go over from data limits, then the application such as Android Assistant might not be enough and the people needs to know exactly what is causing the problem it can be either social networking websites or the applications that may come along with the viruses.