Google Chrome Browser visibility in iOS: is it true?

Business Insider has recently reported through an analyst named asBen Schacter, who has claimed that Google¬†is planning on a new version of the Chrome¬†Browser to install into the iOS devices. Conferring to the report: it says:” Apple may already be studying” the app, which could unveil before the end of quarter of 2012.

Google has planned to share its revenue ads with Apple for doing the Google searches performed through Safari, a deal that presently sees Google paying off the Apple approximately $1 billion per year. Not only this, Google plans to earn some decent amount of revenue from Chrome browser for iOS devices which will ultimately to Google keeping all revenue for searches through the browser for itself, Google will see a massive amount of financial benefit from this plan only if it can attain a significant number of user base on iOS.

The main problem which Google can face is that Apple does not make it convenient enough for users to take advantage of third-party browsing websites such as with Safari alternatives like Opera and Dolphin signifying only small fractions of iOS browser share idea.

System wide also plans for taking the browser actions to get introduced into the iOS apps specifically linked to Safari which means that users may have to take some extra steps and effort to use these kind of different versions of browsing websites, with the inconvenience factor which may lead to the massive number of users to only use Safari for their iOS devices to meet their browsing needs.