What Is Google Shopping Express? | Google Shopping Express Review

If you’re looking for an alternative to platforms like eBay Now, Amazon Prime, Instacart and Postmates’ Get it Now, you may take look at Google’s Shopping Express.


These days Google is planning to launch a new service; Shopping Express which according to sources will be $10 – $15 cheaper than Amazon Prime. The about-to-be launched platform is based on the typical model of online shopping and virtual buying experiences. Partnered with several brick and mortar based stores such as Walmart, Target, Safeway, Walgreens (could be others as well) and offering same day delivery, Google Shopping Express promises online customers the ultimate virtual shopping experience.

Google has always tried to capitalize on its advantages on the space. In their recent notable efforts, they wanted Google Wallet and Google Shopping to have a focal point. For that, they thought why not build a kind of an online store shelf while collaborating with different retail stores on ground network. As a result, the idea of Google Shopping Express originated.

Also, in light of recent developments, Google can also capitalize on some of their recent acquisitions, Channel Intelligence and BufferBox. Since they have decided to create and deliver the ultimate shopping experience in a virtual environment, so why not add value and organized processes to the experience?. Google can use BufferBox as delivery lockers to support delivery process and make it smooth.

By using Channel Intelligence, Google can manage delivery/order data and facilitate the sales and delivery processes. Such in-corporations will not result in a great user experience for shoppers but will also serve as a model for upcoming e-commerce businesses and virtual retail markets.

For now, we have to wait and see how soon and efficiently can Google make this entire system go live. One more thing from our stand point to evaluate how different Google’s service is as compared to Amazon or other relevant competitors, is to watch out for their USP apart from Pricing.