Backside Touch Control Patent by Google

So we’ve come across several smartphones with touch experience at the front part of the device. Google, however decides to give the same experience on the back side of the device as well.

Google came up with an innovative idea to make a good use of a human hand when holding a touch phone, specifically four fingers that keep dangling at the back side of the phone. We’ve come across reports that Google has filed a patent for a touch control system deployed at the Back side of any hand held device.

A few days back, Google filed in an application to secure a patent for a one of a kind touch control system concept. According to ‘think tanks’ and engineers at Google, the new touch control/navigation┬ásystem will be deployed on up-coming Android based devices including smart phones and tablets.

The backside touch control will give users the ability to move to next song, turn the page of an e-book,
pause/play a video simply by tapping or swiping the backside of the device (more rest for poor thumb).
The concept sure sounds interesting to ears, but we’ll have to wait and see what complications users have to face once it is actually applied to devices.

Also, what we need to look forward is a response to this concept by competitors in the market. Will Apple, Samsung or any other smartphone manufacturer be innovative enough to come up with something even better than it?