Top 10 Best Business Apps For iPhone In 2012 | iOS Business Apps

These days, iPhone for small business actually provides lots of benefits, With the plethora of all the iPhone business apps out there, the iPhone can be considered as one of the requirements of a small business owner. Here are some of the best iPhone business apps of 2012:

CamCard. If you are looking for an iPhone business card scanner app, this one is perfect for you. More than just a scanner, it also does batch scanning, QR code scanning and the likes.

Evernote. This is considered as one of the best productive iPhone apps of 2012. This app combines together location logging, calendar scheduling, email, business card scanning a nd a whole lot more.

Dragon Dictation. This is actually like a virtual assistant which will record everything you will say and type in a document, an email or a text. Plus, it may even post it in facebook or Twitter.

Dropbox. These days, almost all business owners have this application not only on their computers but on their mobile phones as well. With this app, you can upload and share the files that your office needs.

Ifax Pro. When you are out of the office, it can be a hassle to find a place where you can fax the needed documents in. With just a snapshot of a photo or a document, you can use your iPhone to faxt it to your partner’s office.

Keynote. Conducting business is all about presentations and that is where Keynote can help you in. This amazing application can help you in creating visually attractive presentations, with the help of its 12 themes.

Numbers. Aside from being a spreadsheet program, Numbers is also all about list- making, which will come handy for future business trips and expenses.

Recorder. Since you have lot of things on your mind, it can be quite hard to track all the things that other people is saying. Because of this, you will need to record your calls from time to time. This is, of course, with the other party’s consent.

Skyscanner. Businessmen travel all the time, If you wish to take advantage of the lowest flight fares available, this is one of the best iPhone apps for business that you can use. This will show you how fares fluctuate from time to time.

Expensify. When you go abroad for a week or so, you would not wish to sit down and record all receipts and expenses you have incurred during your travel. Plus, you would not wish to deal with a very confusing expense report form. With Expensify, you can avoid this as this business app for iPhone actually syncs with your credit card as well as scan your receipts and will automatically produce a Pdf report of your expenses.