How to Sync an iPod | iPod Sync

A lot of people have no idea how to sync iPod Touch. According to the official Apple website, there are only few programs that you can use when syncing your iPod. Here’s a simple guide on how to sync your iPod.

The iPod’s syncable contents are as follows:

Calendars, contacts, music, audio books, web bookmarks, photos, podcasts, applications, movies, TV shows as well as videos.

Most people think that you have to be a technical expert in syncing your iPod. Truth is, the process is quite simple. Given below are the steps involved in syncing your iPod.

Steps on How To Sync your iPod with iTunes:

Step 1: Connect your iPod Touch with your computer or laptop.

Step 2: Launch the iTunes application in your laptop. You will notice that the the connected device– iPod Touch– will be recognized almost instantly. The iPod Touch feature can be discovered under the DEVICES. In order to get to the Devices option, take a look at the left panel of your iTunes application. If you have not edited the name of your device yet, it will show up as “iPhone/iPod touch”. If you already have, your chosen name for the device is the one that will appear.

Step 3: Click on the iPhone / iPod touch or whatever name you have decided upon. After that, go to the main window, and look for the Sync button found under the ‘Summary’ tab. After doing this, your iPod touch will start syncing.

Bear in mind that this process will allow all the albums in your iTunes to sync with your iPod touch. This is not the goal of some people. In the event that you just wish to sync a certain part of your iTunes library to your iPod Touch, here are the additional steps that you should undertake:

Step 4: Go back to the Sync tab and make your sync options to Selected. iTunes will then present a list of all possible programs for you to sync. All you need to do is to check the items that you wish to sync. After choosing your desired programs or applications, do not forget to click on the Apply button. If you will fail to do so, the sync actions will not be activated.

Wait for a few minutes to allow the syncing process to be completed. Once the process has been completed, try to take a look and check your iPod touch. You will see that the Syncing process is a big success.