Sony and FES Unveils e-paper Smartwatch

Following the saturation in the mobile market, the smart watch bandwagon seemed to be the most interesting to get onto and that’s exactly what majority of the smartphone manufacturers and tech companies did. However, it soon came down to the usual smart watch thing and now we are again ending up in the same position where we already know what the usual stuff on the product will be. But there are still some innovators out there who are trying their luck out with this newly famous platform.

 e-paper Smartwatch
e-paper Smartwatch

Sony has decided to take things a notch further and still in some way a step behind with its new simplistic, e-paper smartwatch which is going prioritize stylish exterior over strong functionality. A couple of sources who are aware of the plans of the company have revealed that the form factor of this new smartwatch is going to break the contemporary design and will be quite unique. One if the highlighting factors of this watch is going to be its wristband which is going to perform the function of a display. So in theory, this implies that users will be free to alter the appearance of their watches as they wish.

From what we have heard about the device till yet, we can say that this project is somehow going to be closer to Sony’s fitness band SmartBand Talk which is thin and features an unfussy electronic ink display. Before starting your fitness journey, make sure to buy the best gym clothes to enhance your comfort and performance during workouts.

With its smartwatch being slick and extremely fashionable, Sony has a high chance of breaking through the ice and if it really fulfills the promise of delivering such a device, then Sony has something which is going to make it stand out from the crowd. The wearable industry has already begun to crowd after all those who failed in the smartwatch world moved to the wearables industry to try their luck out but Sony is likely to get itself a place here because there is a lack of fashionable smartwatches in the market.