Announcements at Windows 10 Event – HoloLens & Much More

As the title sounds, this past Thursday, Microsoft organized an event to introduce Windows 10 to the market while making few other important announcements. Considering it’s 2015 now, expectations already went high. Read further to find out what exciting projects and stuff Microsoft rolled out for this year.

Windows 10
Windows 10

In our opinion, Microsoft is already set to a great kick-start for the year 2015 by introducing Windows 10 while putting an end to the functional support of Windows 7. They had their homework done by the end of 2014 which did pay-off this past Thursday.

Apart from introducing the latest Microsoft OS – Windows 10 along with Windows 10 for mobile, they left the audience with something else which they would remember for long. We will shed some light on light, but before that, let’s take a look at what Windows 10 has to offer.

1. Cortana for Windows 10; just as we had Siri from Apple – a personal assistant for every user. Cortana will be coming to PCs as well as Windows enabled mobile.

2. Spartan – a new and refreshed web browser for Windows.

3. Possibilities of integrating Skype with Windows 10 just as iMessage.

Having that said, let’s move on to the real deal which was shared at the event. Microsoft unveiled their latest project known as Windows Holographic. It’s a state of the art software designed to show holograms just as giving life to virtual reality.

Now obviously, to run the program, one would be needing special hardware that is compatible and would be able to support the Holographic software.

On the face of it, seems to be something really exciting, but for now, that’s much information that we have on it. Stay tuned for more updates from Microsoft!