Three Common Ways of International Conference Calling

Just because of handy communication tools businessmen find it possible to operate their businesses in more than one country. International conference call regarded as one of the best and cost effective communication tools when the business spread beyond the boundary of one country. Commonly, there are three famous ways through which international conference call is arranged by business man for the discussion of important business matters with his foreign clients, colleagues and employees.  The business man can go for any option of international conference call depending upon his preferences. It is advisable to use a blend of conference calling technologies instead of relying on the single.

International Conference Calling

Here are three ways of International Conference Calling.

  1. Audio Conference Call
  2. Web Conference Call
  3. Video Conference Call

1. International Audio-Conference Calling:

It is a traditional conference calling method through which the people from different geographically areas can talk with one another by using toll free numbers. This way of teleconferencing is well thought-out for holding group discussion and team meeting with an international group. Through this mean of communication every participant finds a chance to speak freely about any thing and of course the more you communicate the lesser is the chances of misunderstanding among all.

How to make international Audio-conference;

For making an international conference call there is no need of some special equipments or tools.  You only need to dial a toll free number and then have to enter a conference’s access code at the schedule time of meeting. After this, international participants will call from their landline phones or from their mobile phones to join this conference.

 2. International Web Conference Calling

It is very popular way of conferencing calling international as through it you simply made a call over the Web. It is desirable when you want to share some important data and files with your groups, business partner, colleague or employee. Through Web international Conferencing you are better able to share presentations, documents, charts, and software with the participants. In order to guide employee regarding important matter ,this way of international conferencing proves very helpful and worthwhile.

How to make Web Conference Call;

It is really simple to make a web conference call. There are a number of International conference call service providers; some offer free conference calling service while other charge some fee for hosting this service. Whatever the service you use, you only have to schedule the time of meeting. Once the entire participants come online they can join one another over the web and then free to discuss what they desire.

  1. International Video Conference Calling:

Video conferencing calling is considered the best substitute of face-to-face meeting in which verbal and non verbal communication is possible. In this way of international conference calling you can not only hear the voice of participant but also see his/her non verbal cues such as gestures, facial expressions, and body language. This method is effective during negotiations and disputes situation when it become necessary to talk face- to- face.

How to make Video Conference Call;

If you want to go for video conferencing call option then you must have video conferencing equipments and tools .Moreover it also requires a professional appearance and background. After you arrange all this then through webcam you will able to communicate with all other participants face to face. However, it is quite expensive option of international conferencing calling in comparison with Audio and web conference calling.