Is Facial Recognition Technology Your Best Option?

Regardless of the security threats posed by this technology, facial recognition software may just be the solution that your business or company has been looking for in terms of security measures. If anything is to go by, the very recent actions by Facebook not to offer its photo sharing app in Europe due to the concerns raised by the regulator on their facial recognition technology goes to show you that the threats are real.

One may be inclined to ask themselves why that sudden raise of concern when we all know that the technology has been in existence for decades? Yes indeed, it is true to say that CCTV cameras have been in existence for a while throughout the cities and offices and have been used to help recognise individuals. The thing is that with these CCTV images, they are not clearest hence making it hard for facial recognition software to detect and make a match in their database. Plus the individual’s face needs to be already in existence in the database for it to work.

Things are a little different now courtesy of the ultra-high-definition cameras. These cameras produce images of the highest quality with lots of details which makes it easier to make matches. Every day, our lives become more and more increasingly digital hence with such technologies in place, it makes it possible to identify people and on the flipside it also poses as a security threat.facial-recognition-data-points

How it benefits us?

When compared to the fingerprint technology, face recognition is without a doubt the most biological recognition technology that can be used for identification. If used by a business or company, it poses the following advantages:

  • Accurate and swift

The technology is very fast as it can match more data as compared to the fingerprint technology. The technology is capable of matching up to 1400 users in less than 1 second. Therefore, with such a system in place, it is possible to match as many individuals as you want within the shortest time possible.

  • Increased security and usability

It enhances security in such a way that once an incident is captured, it is easily trackable. The same cannot be applied when using the fingerprint technology. The technology is also easy to use meaning that you can use it without encountering any problems.

  • The interface is user friendly

The most interesting part about this technology is that it comes with a user friendly design that is extremely easy to use.

Besides the fact that the technology does pose as a security threat, the benefits of using the same out-weigh the risk factors. Therefore facial recognition technology should be embraced by any means necessary. Using the technology, you can easily use it to identify intruders who may pose as a security threat to your organization. The sensitivity of the security issue cannot allow us to take chances with the issue. The technology is your best option if you are looking to enhance security in your organization.