The Best Windows 10 Free Download Version to Get

Even as we wait for the official launch of the Windows 10 operating system which is slated to be on July 29, users from all around the world already have a picture of what they can expect. The decision to overlook the Windows 9 name seems to have paid off because even though the OS is yet to be officially launched, the buzzword is quite encouraging. The public preview of the Windows 10 Technical Preview back in autumn was a huge success and the follow-up updates have not disappointed yet.

Windows 10
Windows 10

Ever since the WTP, Microsoft has released a number of updates even as they prepare for the final product. One of their recent updates was the Windows 10 Pro ISO Build 10056 64 Bit versions for free downloads. Most of these updates have been released to try and fix some of the issues that users had addressed. These improvements are nothing but an illustration of Microsoft’s commitment to design a smooth operating system that is capable running in all their devices from PCs to Smartphones.

This ISO Build 10056 64 Bit Pro version has added a great deal of new features and applications to make it a pretty decent update when compared to the other updates. This particular build incorporates a decent Notepad redesigned feature. The build also includes a new Drag and Drop feature which allows the users to easily shift application appearing of virtual desktops.

Unlike the other Windows versions, this build uses the Spartan web browser as the default browser and opposed to the traditional Internet explorer. Additionally, the build also features a good looking new Persian calendar, awesome weather app which has been enhanced to allow the app to give more weather data. Another interesting aspect of the build is that; it is now possible to resize the start menu.

Build’s Features

Some of the stand out features that have been included in this build include but not limited to the following:

  • Ability to add/pin stuff on the Start Menu
  • Allows for the resizing of the Start Menu
  • A redesigned Notepad feature that will intrigue you
  • An enhanced weather app
  • The drag and drop feature

Whichever way you look at it, Windows 10 is an upgrade of all the other Windows versions. The version seeks to solve all the problems that the Windows 8 and 8.1 had. The version is ideal for multitasking something which was a challenge especially when using the Windows 8’s Modern app. Most of these apps demanded a full screen attention making it impossible to multitask. As for Windows 10 the goal is to enhance this experience. The version has its taskbar and its icons strategically placed for convenience purposes.

It is just a matter of time before we can start to fully enjoy all the intrigues of the Windows 10. In the meantime, we can just sit back and wait for the official launching of the final product. The Windows 10 free download version will be available for individual running Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 for an entire year.