Salesforce, World’s #1 CRM Empowers Financial Advisors With its New FSCE Tool

Salesforce company is popularly recognized as the Salesforce CRM company for its high-performance CRM tool and Intelligent Customer Success Platform. Salesforce always tries to find new ways to serve their users and deliver leading software solutions. Salesforce has introduced FSCE(Financial Services Cloud Einstein) which especially benefits financial advisors in the world of Finance. With FSCE, financial advisors can now have a 360-degree view on their client’s wealth management and households, influence Einstein AI (Artificial Intelligence) to discover new client opportunities.

Current Style of Wealth Management:

In the current scenario, Financial advisors are taking lot of information from their customers to understand their financial behaviour and provide an appropriate solution to meet their requirements with respect to Financial management. But, according to some survey reports, it is observed that 82% are unable to satisfy their clients in terms of providing right financial solution to their problems and the remaining 18% are managing to satisfy their customers or clients or investors either with their excellency or with the help of mix of financial tools.

Today’s financial advisors are focusing more on retaining their investors by maintaining relationships, managing loads of information in storage systems, and delivering financial solutions that meet the specific needs of their clients. In addition to nurturing these relationships, financial advisors also need to stay updated with new technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to streamline their processes and provide insightful financial advice sydney.

How Financial Services Cloud Einstein helps Financial Advisors:

In March 2016, Salesforce introduced Financial Services Cloud solution offering financial advisors with the advanced tools to develop comprehensive one-to-one relationship, speedy productivity and dish-out always-on client engagement. Recently, Salesforce has announced about its new innovative additions in the product called ‘Financial Services Cloud Einstein’ that includes:


  • Einstein Opportunity Insights:

This feature enhances the financial advisor to supercharge productivity and intelligently discover client opportunities based on their sentiments and competitor indications/mentions and an assuring always-on client engagement. For instance, financial advisors can automatically view if a client indications/mentions a competitor in an email thread and if faces any time shortages in communications – will get an alert or reminder to reach out the client and develop the relationship.

  • Relationship Groups:

This trait helps financial advisor to hookup clients to numerous households, business groups and trusts to ensure they obtain a comprehensive view of wealth across all platforms, accounts and relationships. For instance, financial advisor can footmark when their clients acquire new responsibilities or roles within different households such as turning out to be a power of attorney for an declining parent, and then passionately reach out and provide a personalized advice.

  • Relationship Builder:

This feature enables financial advisors with no difficulty connect information about clients and their households in single platform, and modify their current activities, roles and responsibilities. For instance, a financial advisor can effortlessly add when a client has accepted a new role like becoming a CFO(Chief Financial Officer) of a company etc.

  • Relationship Map:

With this, financial advisor can have a holistic view on the client’s family member’s financial accounts and wealth ecosystem in a single platform and penetrate into opportunities to scoop out and develop their book of accounts. For example, if a client turns out to be a beneficiary of a trust then this will be acknowledged to the financial advisor.

 Companies Already using ‘Financial Services Cloud’:

  • Transamerica Financial Network (TFN)
  • Perigon
  • Veterans First Mortgage and
  • Wealth Management Group

Financial Services Cloud Einstein empowers Financial Advisors in understanding the wealth ecosystem of just not only the client but also client’s family households, accounts and relationships. With this tool, Financial advisors can now provide a better and smarter solution to their clients by discovering new ways and by visualizing their values and Mindmajix Salesforce training can help you get started.