Disconnecting from Your Smartphone: 7 Ideas for How to Cut the Cord

The rapid advancement of technology affects every aspect of our lives. While this “progress” usually offers convenience, it can also be a huge distraction, and even a serious addiction.

The most addictive gadget ever invented is the iPhone. First introduced in 2007, smartphones incorporate the functionality of dozens of electronic gadgets into one device that can fit into your pocket.

Smartphones are like an electronic “Swiss Army knife”, offering us just about every digital convenience that we can imagine: from social media to finding a restaurant, we seem to always be picking up our phones.

However, for all the benefits that smartphones offer, there is one major drawback: we can’t seem to disconnect from them!

Recent studies report that an average iPhone user logs into their phone over 80 times a day!

So, how can we unplug from such a persistent addiction? Here are a few ideas of how to disconnect for a while:

Technology free days

Assign complete days when you don’t use the cell phone, especially Sundays, or vacation days. In the case of an emergency, the land line or a social media from your laptop can be used.

This disconnection can easily make you realize that there is life beyond your smartphone and only oxygen is that aspect of life which you can’t live without.

Out of reach

When not at work or a place where you have your family around, keep the smartphone out of sight. This way no distraction will pull you towards the phone to check that one notification.

The social media plan

Every time you check your social media app, log out rather than letting the app run in the background. The notifications will die down and so will the instant urge to check your smartphone every time someone likes a picture your friends’ brother posted.

Missy Woodruff of omgphotos.com adds, “If you upload your photos to sites like Shutterfly or Snapfish, pick just one day every week to do so. Uploading photos a few at a time every day can take up a lot of time. It’s also very easy to get distracted looking at photos!”

The turn-table strategy

When out with friends, try not to take your smartphone along. If all you have the phone put it upside down on the table. Penalize the person who checks his phone. Social bonding is a lost art and you should be the one advocating it when out with friends or family.

Time definition

Define a specific time of using the phone. Never take it to the bathroom as it wastes humongous amount of time. Never use the phone twenty minutes on either side of sleep as it not only disturbs your sleep cycle but also damages your vision.

Bedside table charging rule

Don’t charge the phone on your bedside table or within your reach. When you climb into bed, the phone should be away from your reach.

Amazingly, a large number of people actually sleep with their smartphones under their pillow!

Whether it be text messages, a friend’s new Snapchat Story.

The charger strategy

Give your charger to a friend who only gives you back after 72 hours. When you will know this fact, you will preserve the battery and not use the phone like a smartphone, rather like an olden days cellular device.

Instant gratification from a text or notification may give you happiness, but you miss out on many other moments in your life. Rather than capturing the moment on your smartphone, try to be present and really live the moment!