MacBook Air refresh expected till the end of June

Last year Apple had refreshed their Mac Book Air lineup after a gap of some year but their latest lineup was much more powerful and also slim then the previous MacBook Air and according to Reuters Apple is set to refresh their MacBook Air lineup again in the end of this month.

According to the source Apple latest lineup will ship till the end of this month and Taiwan’s Economic daily also mentioned that initial shipment of the device will be of 380,00 units. The news looks real also because of the fact that we have heard rumors before that new MacBook Air will arrive in the month of June.

And we talk about the specification of the device then I think we can’t expect the device to be much slimmer than the current version of I think these new MacBook Air will have Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors, new Thunderbolt I/O ports and better graphics.I think this time Apple will launch the newer version of the device so early because of the fact that other brands are also coming with their own version of slim and fast laptop so this would again bring MacBook Air on the top of the list.