Best Tech Gifts for Backpackers

If it’s anything a backpacker loves, it’s more gear. Backpackers have an affinity for new tools, gadgets and accessories. Lucky for you, companies are always coming out with new items sur to please happy backpackers on their trips. These are just a few of the cool tools you can get your outdoorsy loved one.

  1. Portable Camping Stove

After a long day of trekking in the wilderness there is nothing a backpacker wants more than a hearty meal. The MSR PocketRocket Stove is so small it weighs just 3 oz. and fits in the palm of your hand. He or she is no longer limited to roasting weenies over an open fire every night. With a portable camping stove, recipe ideas are only limited to their imagination.

  1. Multi Tool

Multi tools are a godsend for travelers. They make camping life easier and they are essential in emergencies. There are hundreds of different kinds of multi tools that feature pliers, knives, bottle openers and much more. If your backpacker loves gadgets, they will love a multi tool with lots of features.

  1. Kindle

Even a backpacker likes to take a break on the trail. Whether they’re camping for the evening or waiting in the airport, a Kindle is the perfect form of entertainment. They can leave their books at home and save the weight and space in their packs by downloading hundreds of books on their Kindle.

  1. Travel Wallet

Travel wallets come in all shapes and sizes. Travel wallets typically have more storage space than the average wallet to carry items like passports, plane tickets, credit cards, ID and more. Get your backpacker a wallet belt and they will never lose their wallet on the trail again. Wallet belts go outside or under the clothes and are less bulky than their cousin, the fanny pack.

  1. GoPro

Who doesn’t want to record their epic adventures around the world? Whether he’s hiking the Sierras or she’s exploring the Salt Flats of Bolivia, a GoPro is the coolest way for them to immerse friends, family and followers into their travel experience. Get them a GoPro or a travel mount if they already have one.

  1. Touch Screen Gloves

Even the Atacama Desert plummets to less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit after a dizzying temperature of 100 degrees in the daytime. This is when touch screen gloves come in handy. Get her a pair of touch screen gloves so she can take photos on her phone while ice climbing in Alaska. These gloves provide the necessary protection to keep hands.

  1. Parachute Hammock

For backpackers a parachute hammock is a luxury. Imagine kicking back in a hammock as the sun sets over the arches of Zion. Parachute hammocks are lightweight and easy to carry. Get one that closes like a sleeping bag so they can sleep suspended between the trees.

  1. Drone

Drones are a hot item this year. People have managed to use drones for all sorts of purposes, including travel. Backpacking is a time to soak of the splendor of the wilderness and getting a bird’s eye view creates a breathtaking image. Allow them to capture the cinematic experience of their adventure with a cool drone. Check out Spire Drones to find the right fit for their excursions.

  1. Head Torch

Head torches—every backpacker needs one. Whether they’re spelunking, exploring caves or just need a light to see in their own tent, a head torch is a lifesaver.

  1. REI Gift Card

Don’t know what to get the backpacker who has everything? If they’re an outdoorsman, chances are their favorite store is REI. The variety of items like carabiners, harnesses, cookware and fleece jackets can feel overwhelming. An expert at REI can pick out a unique item just for them. Still unsure? Get them a gift card so they can pick out that Patagonia jacket they’ve been dying for.

Buying gifts for backpackers has never been easier. Check out these gadgets and more to wish your backpacker happy trails.