6 Podcasts to Learn More About ECommerce

Swooned by the insurgence of dreamers turned self-made entrepreneurs and want to grab your own slice of the ecommerce marketplace? Lucky for you, we live in the golden age of readily accessible information.

Additionally, the emergence of the podcast medium in the mid-2000s has slowly evolved to give us near-limitless programming options across any niche or sub-niche one could think of — the vast swath of ecommerce being no exception.

Check out these six podcasts to learn more about ecommerce.

Shopify Masters

One of the largest ecommerce theme and platform providers in the market doesn’t disappoint when it comes to content. While Shopify’s blog is a well-known resource, the Shopify Masters podcast, hosted by TrafficAndSales founder, Felix Thea, offers a deep dive into owning a store. Thea covers ideating and positioning products; operating ecommerce businesses; developing the right channels to drive traffic, sales and growth; and a whole lot more.

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Looking to learn ecommerce through engaging narratives? Listen to Cha-Ching, hosted by serial entrepreneur, Kevin Wild. This podcast aims to do precisely what its name implies. Wild interviews industry thought leaders, merchants and founders on topics that run the e-commerce gamut. Further, Cha-Ching should is easy to get up t speed on as it started in Dec 2017.

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Nerd Marketing

As the name might imply, Nerd Marketing is an ecommerce podcast hosted by the decorated Drew Sanoki. Yes, some episodes can get granular and advanced, such as “The Six Things You Can Do Today to Maximize Your Valuation Tomorrow,” there’s plenty of starter topics for e-commerce novices to absorb. Nerd Marketing also offers a valuable newsletter and blog to complement the bevy of in-depth podcasts.

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 Ecommerce Conversations

If you’ve been trying to learn about ecommerce, you’ve undoubtedly landed on the Practical Ecommerce blog at some point. Ecommerce Conversations is the podcast extension of Practical Ecommerce, covering general topics like personalization and hyper-specific concepts like preventing cross-border domain-name disputes. Each episode leverages the expertise of seasoned founders, CEOs, executives, product managers and more.

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My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast

The My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast with Steve Chou might be the most relevant podcast on this list, since it exclusively covers small business owners who left their previous lives to chase their dreams and improve their lives. Every SMB owner Chou interviews runs a bootstrapped operation, providing listeners with rich insights into the challenges of operating on a tight, inflexible budget. If you’re looking for inspiration to make the impossible possible, this is the podcast to gorge.

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eCommerce Fuel

Andrew Youderian discusses how to build, launch and grow six and seven-figure businesses. eCommerce fuel has a community of over 1,000 accomplished and active experts that offer additional resources as part of a membership group, however, the podcasts are free. If you want to learn about actionable strategies that produce results, eCommerce Fuel is a more than worthy earbud companion.

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These podcasts are merely a tasty sampler platter of the vast array of educational ecommerce podcasts out there. Start with these six podcasts to learn more about ecommerce and expand outwards; you’ll be an expert in no time.