The Hype about the New iPhone XR

Everyone knows just how high priced smartphones are. With Apple iPhone being one of the highest priced brands of phone, it is a relief to know that the newest iPhone is only $750 in price, compared to the $1,000 plus price tag that the previous models have held.

Different Colors

It’s always nice to be able to choose from different colors in a high quality phone. Just to have a little bit of an option to choose from. The new iPhone XR comes in the colors black, white, yellow, blue, red, and coral. That’s six colors that you most likely won’t be able to get in other phone brands.


There are many potential buyers who are concerned about the low price of the newest addition to the iPhone family. There are some that speculate that the quality of the iPhone XR may not be as good because of the price. However, you can certainly get rid of any doubts that you have in mind about the quality of the latest iPhone. Rest assured that the quality is no different than the most expensive models that have been created previously. You can still expect a top notch, top quality phone with all of the latest features.

For the folks who are on a budget it would be much better to spend the $750 on the newer XR model as opposed to the previous models that were released this year, the XS and the XS Max which range in price from $1,000 to $1,100.

The Difference

The difference about the new XR, and reasoning for its lower price is because of the 6.1 inch screen that it acquires as well as the older technology used to create the LCD display. So basically because it doesn’t have the OLED screen that the previous newest models acquire, it makes it a slightly lower quality compared to the newer models. The good news is that it would be really hard for most people to notice the difference between the lower quality display options used. You’d really have to be an expert on display screens.

Another difference that the XR acquires that result in the lower price is that the lens camera has only a single lens instead of a dual lens like the previous iPhones.

However, the photos taken with this single lens is still very satisfying and very close in quality to the dual lens option. You really aren’t losing out on camera quality by much if you use this model.


The durability of the XR is not quite the same as the XS iPhone model. The glass on back of this phone isn’t as tough which would mean you would need to take extra care with this phone not to drop it because it can become easily damaged. With that being said you will want to make sure that you invest in a high quality phone case to ensure protection of your new XR.

Keep in mind that the seminimal negatives are really nothing but positive because the good qualities of this new iPhone outweigh the minor quality features, and you are still getting a very good quality phone for the price.

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