Students Choice: 7 Most Helpful Apps For Studying Efficiently

Though there is a strong appeal on cramming the night before exams, it is almost possible that many have second thoughts later. What if you had started studying earlier and had planned out a schedule to study efficiently.

Well the fact that you are here itself is proof of that.

Whether you are at the beginning of a semester or is starting fresh after a self-contemplation, we are here to tell which apps are the best to offer support in the journey. From taking lecture notes to making a master plan for the exams, here is all you need from the digital world.

1. Office Lens

Let us start with tools for taking the lecture first. It is understandable that halfway through the lecture, students lose enthusiasm to scribble down all notes and continue with the pace quickly. Enter Office Lens, the magic app that can convert pictures of whiteboards into digital documents. Take a photo of the whiteboard, the app itself will correct the lighting and angle before transforming it to a pdf tor a word document.

Not only whiteboards, but the app can also scan notes on paper, or printed text on paper and enhance it to documents. The built-in OCR function enables to convert the text in the image not only as a document but also allows for editing it. It is also possible to further save it to OneDrive or Onenote or download or directly to the local device and to further share them. 

The app is available in Android and iOS and essentially works as a scanner in your pocket.

2. EssayPro

One of the keys to managing time while being a student is to manage college assignments efficiently. We understand that it is definitely easier said than done. One can find many websites to get help with academic works these days. However, not everything has an app version to get things moving as quickly as possible.

With the EssayPro app, it has certainly got a lot easier. It is one app that every student should have on the phone. It is a service that writes essays and has been writing them for over two decades for the students. The website has mastered the skill of all academic works, with a professional network of excellent writers.

Now with the app, students can easily assign a college work to be finished before the deadline, just from their smartphones itself. Moreover, the website also provides some cool tips to improve the writing skills in their blog section too.

3. My Study Life

Planning student life is as important as studying. Especially in a university, it might be challenging to keep track of classes, extracurriculars, part-time jobs and intervals for actual studying. Specially designed for students, My Study Life is a calendar app that lets you build a plan including all the activities.

It allows for adding specific tasks, notes and reminders, so students do not miss activities without checking the app. It also works on a rotation, making it easier to add classes or assessments that would be repeated often or every other week. My Study Life is also available in Android and iOS and comes highly recommended by students.

4. StudyBlue

Flashcards are a proven way of effective studying. If you are an avid fan of this method, StudyBlue is a website and comes with its own app where students can create their own flashcards or download them from the vast library of the app.

The best part about this is that you don’t have to carry the dozens of flashcards everywhere you go. Confined within the app, it is much easier to quiz yourself, maks whether you got it right or wrong and track progress. The app, available for iOS and Android users also has tools for helping with homework and focuses more on making the whole learning experience tireless and efficient.

5. GoConqr

GoConqr takes the concept of flashcards and slides and integrates it with collaboration features. If you like to study with others, supporting each other in the process, GoCOnqr is the best app to go about it.

There are countless learning groups on different topics, each share and post resources pertaining to the interests. There are features to study together, get feedback and a study planner to organize learning. The app also has features like mind maps, note taking and even a course builder; each that can contribute to preparing students to active learning.

6. Exam Countdown Lite

Now that we have covered apps on studying efficiently let us talk about how to plan for the exams. Often, students tend to overestimate the time they have to prepare for exams. With Exam Countdown Lite, there is no way to miss the fast approaching exam dates.

The app has a color-coded representation of the time table, allowing to create your own visual reference for each subject and its exam. Students can also add notes to this table to remind to do a quick revision or to make a note of the supplies you need to take to the exam hall.

7. HeadSpace

As much as you focus on studying, it is also essential to take breaks. Taking time to relax would help in boosting the performance and encourages focus. Headspace is a meditation app that has several courses that target different aspects to help you unwind. From sleep patterns to productivity, Headspace has courses that could be a lot helpful for students, especially during stressful exam days.

For those who are indifferent to meditation, consider it just as a tool that helps the mind to relax rather than depending on other audio or visual media that might not necessarily do any good in the end.

It might not seem so easy at the beginning, but with proper dedication, any student can pick up the pace and study efficiently to achieve success in academics.

8. Bibliothequer

Bibliothequer is an online library for students from Morocco, France and Canada. There are tons of dissertations and essays.