What is the Best Free SD Card Software to Recover Lost Data?

SD Cards are basically fingernail size memory storage devices that contrary to what their size may suggest have the potential to store considerably large amounts of data, sometimes even much more than traditional hard disk drives.

However, just like HDD’s, SD cards are prone to damage, corruption andaccidental formatting, resulting in loss of some or all the stored data including documents, videos and audio files.

If you’ve lost data from your SD card, there’s no need to break a sweat yet thanks to free SD card recovery software, which just like the name suggests is designed to help you restore lost SD card data.

In order to help you effectively retrieve the data you’ve lost, it is important that you use the best free SD card recovery software. When looking for a great free SD card file recovery tool, you will be spoilt for choice due to the many options available. But here are 5 things to look for in a memory card recovery software free download program that will help you get back what you’ve lost.

1. Compatibility – this is one of the most important aspects to consider when wading through the long list of free memory card recovery programs, because the SD card will have to be connected toyour PC for the data retrieval process. If you’re running Windows on your PC, make sure that the memory card recovery free software works seamlessly with your operating system, and the same if you’re running macOS.

2. File types–the best SD recovery software is designed to recover several different types of files such as documents, videos and emails. However, it is important to choose a free SD card recovery mac program or Windows software that can help you recover specific types of files. For example, if you’d like to recover .AVI files, check the specs of the corrupted SD card recovery free software to ensure that it is capable of retrieving that specific type of file.

3. Complete recovery–most of the leadingmemory card recovery software free download full versions can recover files that are lost due to several scenarios and from different parts of a computer system. This includes lost partition recovery, formatted disk recovery, deleted files recovery, system crash data recovery and Recycle Bin recovery.

4. User interface–given that not all SD card and computer users are technically sound, the memory card recovery software free download full version for PC should be easy to use for both novice and professional users. It should offer an intuitive user interface that is easy to navigate, and one that allows you to preview files before recovery.

5. User reviews and ratings–the most trusted recommendations always come from those who have had firsthand experience with the free memory card software. It is wise to read relevantfree SD card recovery tool reviews to determine if the software will indeed wok well to recover the type of files you want easily.

Free SD Card Recovery Software

They say the best things in life aren’t usually free, and this statement holds true when it comes to memory card recovery software. Opting for a free memory card recovery software may not be the right choice for every scenario owing to lack of features, and the last thing you want is to download several different software just to figure out which one works for the task at hand.

It is worth noting that the most reputable memory card recovery programs do come in both free and paid versions, but even though the former are free to download, install and use, they in most cases fall short of certain important features such as recovering the files that were lost. On a brighter note, if you’d like to recover files that were lost the first time, opting to upgrade to the paid version is your best bet.

The best SD card file recovery software should come with all the features needed to recover files that were lost easily. Although there’s no shortage of free corrupted SD card recovery free options, Recoverit from Wondershare wins the gold in this space for several reasons. For starters, it is feature rich free SD card recovery software that is also available in a paid version, which allows you to get your feet wet with the interface and determine if it’s right for your needs.

Further, it is easy to use by simply downloading the program, installing it, launching the program and watch it magically recover all the data that you once lost. This software not only helps you recover myriad different files including documents, photos and video, it can be used to restore files from USB drives and hard drives, and is compatible with both Windows and macOS. With over 5 million downloads and raving reviews, Recoverit is undeniably a great free SD card recovery software option.